We are a skilled team of developers who build the APP of your thoughts, help you to launch it, and reach it to the users who love it.


About Us

Hyathi is where digital experts thrive to build the APP of your thoughts and launch it successfully to find you the users who use it and love it. We are a successful startup that is loved by our Users and Customers around the globe.

Who We Are

We are a service-based as well as a product-based company. We use the money generated from clients to fund our own ideas. Our services include full-fledged development of - mobile apps, desktop apps, and web apps. We are also providing Digital Marketing strategies and growth hacking tips for your business.

Our History

Started from a Canteen with a team of 4 enthusiasts who had the vision to solve real-world problems and provide value to the world and in just 3 months scaled this idea to execution with a 10+ team and 500sqft Office.

Our Story in a NutShell

  • We started planning about starting a development company in February. Executed it finally in March with our own incubated office space and a motivated team that is continuously expanding with time.
  • Lockdown hindered every business out there but We have experienced an overflow of projects that we are working on here and forth.
  • Most of our projects are outsourced to us by a USA based company where we have a mutual partner.
  • So far in 3 months, we’ve already completed:
    • 12 big projects (includes a complicated backend and blazing fast frontend)
    • 30 medium scale projects (General applications and Web Apps)
    • 20 small scale projects (General websites and simple applications)

We thrive to understand users expectation.

A consistent experience is a better experience.


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