Hyathi Technologies and Force Multiplier Venture Labs Forge Strategic Partnership to Accelerate AI and Blockchain Development

November 2023, Gorakhpur, India

Hyathi Technologies Private Limited, a leading Indian software development company, is thrilled to announce a game-changing partnership with Canadian AI giant, Force Multiplier Venture Labs Ltd. (FMVL). This strategic collaboration is bound to reshape the AI and Blockchain Development landscape, marking a notable milestone in global technological innovation.

Hyathi Technologies, under the visionary leadership of CEO Uddeshya Agrawal, has established itself as a key player in the development of cutting-edge technological solutions. The collaboration with FMVL, a leader in creating exponential organizations that leverage AI and Blockchain, is a testament to Hyathi’s capabilities and strategic vision.

A Unique Blend of Expertise and Resources

As part of this exciting partnership, FMVL has acquired a significant stake in Hyathi Technologies for an undisclosed amount, valuing the company at $10 million. Additionally, Uddeshya Agrawal, the CEO of Hyathi Technologies, has been offered equity in FMVL. This reciprocal investment solidifies the commitment between both companies and ensures a unified vision for the future.

FMVL has appointed Hyathi Technologies to act as its primary development wing, focusing exclusively on advancing FMVL’s ambitious projects such as SoundImage, Verifiction, HotDub, Mahalo etc. This arrangement ensures that all development efforts are streamlined and that intellectual property, including code and technologies, are developed and maintained on FMVL-owned machines. This exclusive setup guarantees that FMVL's innovative projects will benefit from the most advanced security and dedicated attention, fostering trust among investors and stakeholders.

Rudy Rupak, Founder of FMVL, comments on the partnership: We are delighted to partner with Hyathi Technologies. Their expertise in software development, combined with our vision for AI and Blockchain, creates a formidable force in the industry. This partnership is not just about scaling technology but also about creating a secure and innovative ecosystem that propels us towards our goal of making a better, safer and more productive world through AI and Blockchain Innovations.

Uddeshya Agrawal, CEO of Hyathi Technologies, adds: Our collaboration with FMVL is a milestone in Hyathi’s journey. While we are fully committed to this partnership, I want to assure our other clients and partners that Hyathi remains dedicated to supporting their projects with the same vigor and excellence. This partnership strengthens our capabilities and demonstrates our commitment to be at the forefront of technological innovation, not only in India, but globally.

A Milestone for Global Collaboration

This partnership is not only a significant achievement for Hyathi Technologies but also a shining example of international collaboration. Securing such a major deal with a Canadian AI enterprise highlights the global demand for top-tier software development and positions Hyathi Technologies as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the tech world. We are proud to bring our expertise to a global audience and continue setting benchmarks for excellence in technology development.

Looking Forward

Powered by our partnership with FMVL, Hyathi Technologies is set for even greater achievements in innovation. We remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in AI and Blockchain technology, while ensuring our clients across all sectors receive the best possible solutions to meet their needs.

This strategic partnership with FMVL is just the beginning of our journey towards building a better, safer and more productive world through AI and Blockchain innovations. We look forward to a future where our combined efforts lead to unprecedented advancements and success stories in the tech industry.


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