Service is an opportunity to exceed your customer expectations, and our relentless pursuit is to make the most out of this opportunity.

Full-stack development

Our expertise in Agile web development and major key concepts like Responsive Design, Progressive Web Apps, and Tremendous hold on Javascript frameworks (Nodejs & Express for Backend) and (React, Vue, Angular for Frontend) enables us to build a custom, enterprise-grade solution to meet every need.

Mobile App Development

Enterprise-grade, custom app development across multiple platforms. From e-commerce apps to Live streaming apps, we cover them all. Our expertise in flutter and react-native helps us deliver the fastest apps that never break. We cover Android and Ios Development along with Backend Engineering and App store optimization.

Digital Marketing

A successful digital product doesn’t end with launch. You need users to find it, use it, and love it. We are experts in Agile and Insight-driven Marketing. We work with you to create high quality and effective strategies that result in conversion, retention, and acquisition. We provide marketing automation as well.

Chatbot Development

Chatbots are the best solution to cope with the revolution that Marketing has undergone. We develop custom chatbots with a dashboard for platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Web, SMS, RCS, etc. It helps you get more sales, solve customer queries, save human resources, and time doing all of the mentioned.

eCommerce Development

We offer full-fledged eCommerce development involving Single Vendor, Multi-Vendor, and Delivery Applications. It’s also backed up with detailed management and reporting Admin dashboard and integration of world-wide payment providers. We develop beautifully designed and interactive eCommerce solutions.

Product Design

Our customer-centric approach where our Visual UI is supported by UX strategy achieves best in Industry results that are not only stunning but uniquely express your brand and drive customer engagement. Putting your customers at the heart of the design process results in products they will turn into again and again.

Programmable Customer Contact Center

We have an extensive working history with Twilio, Nexmo, SignalWire, and GupShup for the development of cloud contact centers that include programmable and automated Text, SMS, and Whatsapp based solutions. Also automated eCommerce solutions, order management, and Lead Generation. Assume a bot talking with your clients on call instead of the mainstream IVR!

webRTC and WebSockets

Live Streaming and Broadcasting is one of the most in-demand technology needs today. We build low latency and high-speed audio-video streaming solutions that come wrapped with 1 to 1, 1 to many, and group chat-based solutions. We also add a live stream and video communication in your existing apps of websites. We have worked with Agora, Wowza, HTML5 video and many other services.

HTML5 and Canvas Game development

Gaming is the biggest boom during this lockdown, coping with the demand we increased our game production and launched multiple games including card games like Poker, TeenPatti. Interactive games like Trivia. The best thing we provide is we add a live stream interaction in all the games we develop.

Web & Mobile Development

Our expertise in React, Angular, and Node combined with the proficiency in Flutter and React Native enables us to develop Versatile and Robust Web and Mobile Applications.

NodeJs and Express
Flutter and React Native
React, Angular and Vue
UI / UX Design
GraphQL and Ngnix
SQL and noSQL Databases.
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Digital Marketing

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue. We handle all these for you.

Search Engine Optimization
App Store Optimization
Social Media Marketing
ChatBot Marketing
Audience Targeting
TikTok Advertisements

Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud computing is a better way to run Business. For a blazing-fast application you need not just fast backend but you also need fast cloud servers. We do all this for your app to be secure, fast, and with daily backups.

Google Cloud Platform
Amazon AWS
Kubernetes Engine
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